I am so excited about the launch of our new online store! I’ve made this unique line of active wear and accessories with my husband Jon so you can wear our ART! We have deconstructed our paintings from our original art work to make something so unique you will not find it anywhere!

The products are fun, stylish and really a statement piece to any wardrobe. I especially love the leggings. I wear them to travel, workout and run errands. I had made a handful of the leggings before I started the line and would always get asked," where did you buy those”. I got so inspired I decided to start KinardStudio so everyone could wear a piece of our ART! I hope you enjoy the fun new line.

With Love,

Christy Kinard Art Studio

Christy Kinard in her art studio 
Aharon Hill Photography

Meet Christy Kinard

I first started painting at a very early age, I was always creating something at the kitchen table making sculptures out of colored homemade play dough, I loved playing with spin art and water colors. I use to put food coloring in my lemonade to sell at my lemonade stand. I loved playing with color! 

The boldness of my work can also be related to the Southern character. Beyond the well-kept exterior and femininity of a Southern woman, like my work, the women of the South can be strong, creative and playful.... Visit ChristyKinard.com

Jon Davenport Art Studio

Jon Davenport

It wasn’t until Jon moved to the USA to marry his wife, Atlanta artist Christy Kinard, that he began indulging his pure creative urges, with her constant encouragement. Thanks to all the previous twists and turns, as well as embracing a new found love for photography and the paintbrush, it was only then that he could truly begin to create artworks that he was proud of... Visit JonDavenportArt.com